June 29, 2011


It's been a whirlwind day today, went to my first meeting with the Nurse Practitioner regarding the upcoming chemotherapy treatments. I found out that I will be having eight treatments done in 2 week intervals. The first four with 2 different drugs and then the next four with one drug. It was quite day learning about side effects, reactions and what to do when they occur. Basically everything regarding the treatments from anti nausea stuff to the actual treatment.

My first one will be next week and I pray that all will go well with it too. One thing I have to remind myself, I didn't ask for this to happen to me but on the other hand I have accepted my cross and realize that God will take care of what needs to be taken care of regarding my health and wellbeing. In a good way it has enabled me to take better care of my other illnesses and not take them for granted. Being more vigilant and pro-active regarding better sugar control and healthier life style for better heart health or to take better care of what I do have.

I would surmise that this cross is a way of finding stronger faith and finding out strength in other areas of life. When the chips fall and moods fail to lift up the soul, then prayer is always an aid that proves to be a worthy source of comfort along with Gods Word. It never fails to provide comfort when reading the Bible to bring us closer to God. Those moments help to keep the moods from falling deeper into the pit of despair. I always remind myself that God is love beyond compare.

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