August 31, 2011

Battlefield of the Mind

Sitting here pondering why so much seems to be happening around the world and in our own lives. It's hard to fathom at times why some suffer so terribly and others go through things with ease. Like why do some loose their homes and belongings from disasters and others not. Just like when people get ill and others do not. Or why some get taken advantage of at work and others do not. So many questions without answers, yet God gave us life to live doing his will.

I think some of the questions that plague me are because of the issues I have to deal with in my own life. With a body that is going through some turmoil and wondering why and then praying that trust in Jesus does not fall apart or cave in but grows stronger. Each day I ask my parents to do the rosary in the evening as an aid to faith and to pray for the world and our priests.

I have come to a realization about life and what I thought was good about a place but have found it is not and I should have trusted those instincts in the first place. I have been discovering lately that is something I have failed to do, is trust in what I was given. I want to cry right now because I have wasted time and not done God's will as I should have. I have kept to myself something wonderful and only shared it when it seemed appropriate or when the moment was right. Now as I look back in a good way, maybe I too needed to learn and grow and understand better the truth of what occurred. To see in different light a new way in what is there.

The ache in my heart about this I can only forgive myself. When life invade and things went in a different direction than what it should have, I should have known that I was then on the wrong path when nothing seemed to go right. Sitting here and thinking about all this and how much God has done and how much I truly love him and yet I hurt him by failing miserably by not living my life the way he seeks of me. If I am wrong in my thinking then I pray that God will bring conversion to my soul my thoughts and my prayers. I offer up these sufferings for the souls in purgatory.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie Cecile said...

The article I have written regarding some of the questions have nothing to do with religion. Only a short segment has to do with my own personal journey. It basically has to do with worldly things.

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