July 26, 2011

On a Good Day

I have begun to see how much I have changed in regards to caring for my diabetes. On my recent visit with my Doctor I had some more weight loss along with better A1C numbers. Now that the expander is out I can hope that things will go more smoothly regarding chemotherapy. Hopefully I will not have anymore down time after I am allowed back to work after this minor setback.

All in all I have been given some special time to focus upon health and my spiritual wellbeing. A time that has given me moments of reflection and at times consolations. It also has brought our family closer together. With my brother having gone through his own personal death and back to life, my sister with her back surgery and a new birth in the family, we have grown closer and more caring about each other. I have to say that my younger sister has been a rock for me. She listens to me when I hurt and she has gone with me when I was unsure and been my fortress. God is good when he gives us family that help us along the way. Just as he is when we falter and fall flat on our face, he picks us up and nudges us on the way. He forgives those transgressions out of love. He gave us his only Son to bring healing to a wounded world filled with hate and anger and sin. So why have people thrown God so far away from themselves and from our day to day worldly living. Don't they realize what good he does for all of us. He showed us His Face many times and still we mock and curse him.

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