July 25, 2011

Divine Physician

I was all set to receive round two of chemotherapy, but was told due to having a drain in it will be postponed for another week. Hopefully by Friday the drain will be out and the next treatment will begin on Monday. It's one thing to pay visits to physicians but often I would rather be paying the Divine Physician a visit to have him treat me in the many ways Jesus does. He takes care of the spiritual as well as the physical.

I had to follow up today with my primary care doctor because of my recent hospital stay, I actually get to see him in four months rather than three, so I asked him why and he said because I have a lot on my plate right now. I suppose I do, yet it doesn't feel like it. Can it be the peace I feel regarding everything including giving up praying about finances and letting go and letting God take over what I cannot control or handle at this time. I gave my illness over to HIM to take care of me as per HIS Will. Even the Blessed Mother has a special part in all of it. Without her we would not have Jesus. Her "YES" resounds deeply in my heart, because I understand how possible it was to be overshadowed by the HOLY SPIRIT.

Our Blessed Mother is a very special lady and I hope more people will come to love her and her son as much as I do.

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