June 26, 2011


The next step is facing chemotherapy and the loss of pride. The port a cath has been placed for the next step of the process and I tell you, that was a painful process too. The area it was placed is still very sore and my neck has this visible area where the catheter is. Wednesday I get to have a meeting regarding the chemotherapy, about the drugs that will be given and the ones I need to take before the therapy.

I mentioned in the beginning sentence about loss of pride and that is a womans hair. I have had plenty of time contemplating the fact that it will come out, even when others say it may not. The fact is it is very possible. Along with the possiblity of weight gain as well. Not something a person wants to hear when weight loss has been difficult at best, again there goes the loss of pride. Discovering areas in life that may have been prideful have been an eye opener for me. It is an opportunity to reflect on God's Word, the Psalms and HIS grace most of all.

Pride is a sin and if I have been sinning in this way regarding my hair and my body regarding weight then this is a good thing to root it out and allow me to correct that flaw and bring it before God to offer it up and ask for his Divine forgiveness. Even though they removed the cancer, this other stuff needs to be done to bring about healing and cleansing. So too, does reflection and then confession regarding sin in our life. It also brings healing and cleansing. It brings us closer to God. Who would dare to miss that opportunity to bring about that sense of well being and to be closer to God and his family.

I am glad that I have been given this moment to reflect and to partake of his grace in my life.

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