June 12, 2011


These past few days have been a whirlwind of sorts. My sister had her surgery Thursday and did very well. I had my appointment on Friday and am still out of work at this time. Then for something really good, I took a necklace of St. Anthony to use to hold my drain while taking a shower. I didn't take it off and was looking for a prayer book that seems to have gone missing. I found instead my nearly three year missing social security card that I didn't place in the location it was found.

So dear St. Anthony thank you for your assistance in finding this lost item. You came to my aid when I requested it. I am still wearing the necklace with the medal of St. Anthony.

At this point I suppose God only knows why things are coming about in this way and for being out for an extended period. My Doctor had mentioned he had never met anyone like me before, I thought that was really nice of him to say so. So far many people I have met have mentioned how bubbly I am considering what I am going thru. How else is one supposed to be? I believe I mentioned about joining a Breast Cancer support group with many in various stages of cancer. I should say that after struggling with diabetes and then having a heart attack with open heart surgery, I can count my blessings to be alive and now I find this also is an opportunity to change some bad eating habits and hopefully bring about a brighter future if it is God's plan for me.

I have found that I my blood sugar has done so much better as I change those habits. What a difference and all it took was a change in diagnosis and the possibility of having it much worse. Luckily they did get it out and now the next step is to conquer any rogue cells. And that too is in God's hands. I place my trust in him all the way. I have a great support system within my spiritual family, my heavenly father has brought me thru so much already and continues to love me inspite of my sinfullness at times. My heavenly mother holds my hand on those days when I need her and no one is around to comfort or care. The Holy Spirit is ever present to guide me as I walk this path in life and most of all I have Jesus my heavenly love who gives me the trust I need to get thru the moments of doubt. This family also gave me the love and support of the family they gave me to have on this earth.

We all have come to see that God's presence in our lives is very special, for me it is good to see that they believe most of all. I would like to thank those who read this blog and offer up prayers on behalf of myself and my sister and brothers and mother and father and all those near to me. Your prayers are what help us all get thru each day, one moment at a time.

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