May 08, 2011

Dinner Table Discussions

How often at the dinner table does one hear of an admission of faith? For the majority not many, but then again behind household doors of families those things are not always revealed to others.

But since the time of my personal Eucharistic miracle I have found that revealing those moments of grace have brought a greater awareness of faith for myself and my family. In these past few months of illness regarding cancer, it has brought something amazing within my family. My parents and family, I'm sure have found themselves worried about how it all will play out, but I know their faith is strong.

It was raining around supper time yesterday, so while eating it was odd for me to declare while looking outside that there was going to be a rainbow. It just seemed as if the sun was going to shine, so I stepped outside and saw a faint rainbow directly in front of the house just above the tree line. When I came back in I told my parents to look out the window and then my mom stated she had asked for a rainbow as a sign that I would be alright. We all gave thanks to God for his love and especially for giving my mom her answer.

Since so much has gone on within my life with our Lords presence and with my parents faith as well it was a welcome sight to see because God is love in every sense of the word and I believe with all my heart that he gave my mom what she asked for out of his love for mankind as well as for our family. There are no doubts when God's love speaks so strongly in our lives.

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