February 09, 2009


Not much has been going on besides work the past few days. I haven't even had the urge or inkling to write. Like a dry spell. Mostly it's been the time of resting in the palm of God's hand. Just listening and being with Him.

The last few days actually have been extraordinary ones. On Saturday something happened to me at work that caused me to become extremely cold. I am so proud of the people I work with for their concern and how quickly they came to take care of me in a moment of distress. I was scared myself of what happened, it was the weirdest thing to be that cold in a room that was above 75 degrees in temperature and to be wrapped up in a shawl to boot. It was an eye opener for sure. Anyway, I am grateful that Karin rubbed warmth when I felt like a frozen popsicle, that Hildy brought tea and Mary gave me her shawl.

These women have done what Jesus asks of each of us. To care, to feed, to cloth those in need. They don't realize as I do what they did. How often in life do we do this for the least of our brothers we do it for Jesus. What they did for me on Saturday, no one else did when I was at my lowest. I never found it anywhere not even in my Parish community. Odd that we are Catholics and or Christians yet it never was seen .

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