May 17, 2008

Love Ever Anew

The first picture is clear, but the second one is a running blur. She took off when I had just took the screen off the window. It was something quite wonderful to see as I passed by the room to see those majectic creatures after taking a shower this morning. I usually glance out the washroom window and this morning I was graced with not just one but two deer.

So I went downstairs to get my camera before they went into the woods. I was lucky to get what I did as this one had stood there staring at me through the window. I was quiet too, but I think it was the white towel on my head that caused her to look. At least she wasn't nibbling on the tomato plants. But she did manage to nibble on the Japanese Maple that was given to my parents from a sister-in-law, many years ago. Now we know why it's not growing too fast. They are pruning it.

And to think I thought about wanting to see the deer again. I am ever anew at awe when God provides the simplest longing of the heart. I love deer and I don't know why that is. It started long ago one day and for the life of me, seeing them ever since always brought the truth of an answer. Well anyway, that is my longing. Those rare sightings always tell me of His undying love.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

Hey! Send some of that flora and fauna to the inner city!

Marie Cecile said...

okay, they are on their way as we speak.

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