September 01, 2011


Sometimes the emotional state we are in can mare any judgement or thought that may be right or wrong. I know the last few days have been rocky ones with tears. A battle I think I hope have conquered. I know I am not alone with these emotions as I go through these changes and times. There are other people who go through the emotional gamut when surrounded by overwhelming odds. But this time I have cried and let it out and in the process attempted to let it go with the tears.

The past few days also were ones with discernment because I was getting words from songs that had me thinking deeply. But today I received the words "Get ready, here I come" and that one truly made me think even more about life. The other one's I received were "Ready to take a chance" along with some others from the same song. When I was getting this particular song I was thinking about my love and what if my heart wasn't truly open after hearing the song. This song put me into the emotional jungle I ended up in with the questions that were running through my thoughts.

So today when I ended up with the other ones, I asked if they were from God or from some other source. Usually that would stop the words from coming if they were not meant to be. But they came and then I found the song and listened and again attempting to discern why both songs so close in time, within a week to a few days. I have to understand that at times those words are a direction to others that may make the meaning clearer or not. But under the assumption I am to assume it is about opening the heart to love and not being afraid. Only problem, I thought I was very open to love and loving my neighbor. Unless it is something entirely different that I cannot see or understand at this time.

This morning as I sat and spoke with my mom and dad about my sorrows, my dad gave me some good advice. He said we never truly know God's plan for us and what he has in mind. I realize that I probably have been questioning his plan for me and not allowing him to do what he is supposed to do. Maybe now God will take a chance on me again. I hope.

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