September 13, 2011

The Robe

Remember the movie "The Robe" I've always loved this movie along with Jesus of Nazareth. I decided to play it tonight out of a need to keep focused after my treatment. I somehow loose something after I have the infusion. So this is my way of keeping God and Jesus in focus.

I have figured out that when I get the injection the day after the infusion, that causes some of the tiredness and body aches along with voice loss, but the shot works. This is getting to be the last leg of the journey with chemotherapy. Next step is the reconstruction and that should be the end. Other than periodic check ups to make sure no cancer has come back. I praise God that they were able to get it out in the early stage. I think that's why I enjoy watching those special movies about the life and passion of Jesus.

The suffering he went through to save us, helps me to focus upon the cross during my trials.

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