September 11, 2011

Quiet Times

It's been quiet lately around here. Quiet in the way of spiritual quietness. I should have been prepared and known that usually happens after receiving words. There always seems to be a quiet time afterwards.

I have been thinking about a time that occurred at an old job when I saw a round bright light on dock number 11 inside a building that had no windows from the direction it was shinning from. I was the only one who saw this even when I asked Denis if he saw it, he didn't. Unfortunately I didn't write down the date, if it was before or after 9/11. All I can recall of seeing that particular bright light was being in awe. I seem to have thought I may have seen it two weeks before or two weeks afterward and why I don't know for certain. Back then I didn't write down somethings but committed it to memory. This is one time I truly wish I wrote it down. It wouldn't have made a difference I suppose. But now I wonder if there was another purpose about it altogether and one day I will come to understand why. But somehow I seem to think it was two weeks afterward that appearance happened.

God has his reasons for everything and the why of it and it will be revealed in his own time and not mine. Sometimes he gives us something to encourage us not knowing the reason why, and keeping our faith helps us along the way. I know I have made many mistakes, and also have been extremely negative about myself when it all began. It was a difficult time for me then and then two years later in 2003 life truly began in a very special way.

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