August 05, 2011


One of my co-workers just lost her son in a tragic motorcycle accident, he was only 25 years old. But her recent loss also included a loss of a father in the last three weeks, her husbands mother in recent months and also an aunt. When we think we are having rough days or problems that may be too much to handle, there is always someone out there who hurts more than we do. I always remind myself of this when I feel like I can't handle anymore. Today though brought it home even more so.

She is a devout person and worships God and I can't even imagine how she is holding up with all the loss that has hit her family. But when we love God he gives us the strength to carry on and do what we have to in order to survive the hardships and all the good that goes with life. I went to the wake and met up with some of my co-workers that I haven't seen in a while. They all look great. I saw how they are the backbone for my co-worker, their support is tremendous.

Life is never easy for anyone even those who were born with so called silver spoons, even they have troubles that many don't see. They too may have lost family in tragedies or have earth shattering problems that cannot be controlled. No matter what circumstances we are in via health, wealth, poverty, or other means we all dress and walk the same. Just some follow a better path in the way of faith and keep their lives clean and holy.

God, I believe intended for us to all live holy lives and to be what he called us to be, his disciples in Christ. To follow his son and love on another as we should be. Not putting on airs or judging one another but being honest and true.

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