August 28, 2011


We are getting ready to receive the remnants of an oncoming Hurricane pretty soon. Being prepared in the way of putting things away that could become missiles and cause damage to windows. Getting water into containers for drinking in case of power loss. Then it's water to flush the toilet when you have well water and no way to obtain it other that with a bucket. Preparedness is tantamount to survival when we are surmounted by storms.

That isn't the only way we should be prepared either, we should have our souls prepared as well. Going to confession to cleanse our hearts and souls of any clutter or sin that keeps us away from God. Using daily prayer and thanksgiving for what we receive and give to others out of love. Prayer to overcome the storms that ravage our life when we are ill or going through some other issues that threaten to overwhelm our hearts and take it away from God. It's needing to keep our thoughts always perpetually on HIM and HIS Son Jesus. Being prepared makes a big difference in how we see life at times and how quickly we overcome those obstacles.

Just like the storm that is threatening the seacoast at this time, will we sink, swim or survive without a problem. Remember Peter when he attempted to walk to Jesus on water and slowly went down out of his fear. Trust in Jesus and he will see us through the rough spots.

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