August 15, 2011

Mundane stuff

What can I say about the lack of post other than nothing exciting has been going on. Besides faith being on the front burner of life, so far everything else is running it's course. Have been doing some research regarding the breast cancer and found a wonderful website regarding foods. Amazing to find that a majority of some of the ones we eat here are on the not to eat list as they are the ones that would cause a re-occurence of the cancer down the line. So again it is time to modify the diet and foods that I eat. It is a very good thing then that I did the research!

Still have the rash on my head with one or two areas that are painful to the touch, but not enough to call the doctor on according to the nurse. It has to be very bad indeed to call them regarding any symptoms or side effects even when the paper states to inform the doctor, just don't call them back about it unless it is very bad ore or less. Understandable, considering after my first treatment I must have called them too many times but it was a very good thing indeed since my white count all but dropped to nothing, not a good thing then.

Anyway, so much for my itty bitty issues, today is the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a day she went to heaven to be with our Heavenly Father. It was odd today that the lights flashed a few times in the house for no apparent reason, so I figure our blessed Mother is watching over us and letting us know. Thank you blessed Mother!! Most of all thank you for saying "YES" to God about being the mother of Jesus.

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