August 07, 2011


Sometimes we don't always get to have perfect days, yet we make it possible to get by anyway. It was a tough one today as the nausea started again, so it was a day where I felt comfortable laying down and resting rather than sitting up. I often wonder how those who have lived in Jesus' time managed when they were ill. What did they do for their upset stomachs or their fevers and such. Since we are in the age of drugs and chemicals to prevent just about anything, I assume that way back when they had the natural remedies that kept them going. A far better solution than polluting our bodies with chemicals that mask things rather than take care of the problem.

I still like by far is Jesus bringing healing to the people of his time. Even now he brings healing when we pray and ask for his divine intervention. Sometimes we don't get physical healing but we might get spiritual healing or emotional healing, depending on what he feels is best for us at the time. Even asking our Blessed Mother for help on behalf of her son is a very good thing. She loves Jesus very much and wishes we would all go through him to get closer to the Father.

God is amazing, especially since he gave us his Son and so much more. I don't think there is a day that we go through that isn't touched by God in a special way. Just waking up in the morning is a blessing and going to sleep at night resting in the palm of his hand. Loving God and the heavenly family is such a joy. I am glad to be part of the picture that he created me and gave me his love. Life would not be the way it is if God were not part of it all. Maybe someday people will wake up and realize the greatest gift we all have is the love of God and what he gave to mankind.

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