August 02, 2011

The Art of Prayer

One thing I am grateful for is prayer, especially the Rosary to our Blessed Mother. No matter what we go through in our lives it is a blessing to be able to do this wonderful set of prayers. She brings comfort and hope in our everyday life. It's a beautiful way to start the day and a beautiful way to end it. I also enjoy speaking with Jesus and God most of all. I often ask the Holy Spirit to guide on my way. I know lately my blog has been part in focus of my recent situation along with my faith as well and my insecurities regarding my others issues that concern me. I have surrendered it all to our Loving God.

I went for an injection today after having chemotherapy yesterday. This injection will help boost my white blood cells so they will not go down, hopefully and not end up back in the hospital neutropenic. This injection can cause some discomfort or mild pain in the bones as it aids the bone marrow to produce the white blood cells. One thing I didn't expect was to have to learn all about this disease of cancer and all that it entails, but that is why prayer is so tantamount when we come across obstacles that mar the way in life.

One thing for sure that I do know of is that Jesus is my best friend in all the world. I know he would never hurt me or cause me suffer in any extreme way. It is only my sin that would cause the anguish and anxiety for not trusting enough to let go and let God do his will in my life. I pray constantly for strength to always do his will and to seek our Blessed Mothers blessing with all my heart and soul for her constant love. Let our blessed Mother be your guide as well and pray to her daily. Don't forget to also pay our Lord a visit in the Tabernacle or Blessed Sacrament at any Adoration Chapel and speak to him from your heart and let him speak back.

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