July 13, 2011

Small Steps

Ever feel like life is playing tricks on you? I do at times, not because I want to but because of the circumstances of the occurances that surround the situation. I thought things were going okay after the treatment but now I have found some issues that have happened where I ended up having to call the doctors office to speak with the nurse regarding these issues.

I didn't realize that I am ending up having a tougher time than some others. But then again I have to realize I also have other issues that don't help either. On those days I try very hard to see God in the whole of it all and ask Him to take away the pain, the aches, the headaches, you name it and it might be there. Anyway, God is very good and will not give more than we can handle even the illness itself. Maybe I am wrong about that part, but I have to remember that none of this is asked for to begin with and that this is a cross that I have to carry and somehow conquer.

I am grateful to have these illnesses in order to make my faith even stronger and for me to see that there are people in the world who do care about what I am going thru. The people I work with, my family, my extended family with the Dominican Laity and the people of my Parish and those who come across this blog and read it. Everyone is special. I am discovering that I once thought I was good at something only to find I wasn't. After awhile I began to see how far I am behind in learning the faith and truly understanding and knowing it with ease. I have begun to wonder if perhaps I am one of those who are not of good soil but one of the others, then I think, if that were the case then I would falter so much and go off on a tangent and give up that there would be no faith at all. I have come to see that faith is a daily thing and I keep at it constantly. Just like taking blood sugar levels to maintain good blood sugar it takes work.

I do know that I do love God more than anything even when I feel rotten and uncertain, at least that part I know is a constant.

1 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

And God loves you. He proved it on Cavalry. Don't forget to pray the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, every time you have negative thoughts.

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