July 29, 2011


Lately I have been compeled to do the 15 decades of the Holy Rosary. I have found immense comfort doing this by myself and with my parents in the evening. The trials we all are going through at this time are a bit much. My Uncle who recently lost his wife, sent my mom a package regarding cremation and funeral stuff for her to look over. I was at one time under the impression that they had pre-made their arrangements but was told no, they only took care of the burial plot. Sometimes when talk of this sort arises it foretells of what may be coming, hopefully not in the too near future.

Watching my mom and dad as I recover my own illness has opened my eyes to how much they undergo and suffer daily, the many sacrifices they have given up to care for me. Myself as well have basically given up my personal life to assist them with their care as well even when on the mend. It's the small stuff that I am able to help them with, such as taking care of their medicines or doing laundry without having to lift that much. We each in our own way help each other out. Sometimes with words of encouragement to eat and stay strong, words to say thank you for all that you do.

What I am grateful for is the family I was given on this earth to be my guide when I am lost and alone. They hold me when there is no one to support me in my joys and sorrows. They help me to see a brighter day when I feel like I am loosing the battle financially when the doctors bills come in and I find it hard to give up what little I have. Then I have to recall the story of the woman giving her last for the kingdom of God and that brings me hope and better sense of faith. Sometimes these things are too heavy a burden and yet I still smile and go on and see how God provides the birds who have nothing. I find myself enthralled with nature and how God has blessed us with so much and yet we take it all for granted. I think now more than ever I am even more grateful to have nothing, because I can appreciate what God wants me to see in what he made.

So as I go on and realize that not only is God important but so is the one he chose to give us his Son Jesus, our loving Blessed Mother Mary, the one without sin.

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