July 22, 2011

Only You

It's been quite a day with an early morning start with the procedure to remove the breast expander. It went well and now I have again another drain to collect unwanted fluid. I'm not to do a single thing other than rest and no lifting more than 10-15 lbs. I used my holy water this morning making the sign of the cross on my forehead before surgery. No fear if anything I was at peace.

In this journey I have met some incredible people, a few who have also survived breast cancer. Those people call me sister and give me a hug of love. It is a different world when one has something that could be easy or devastating. Many are fortunate to survive and get through so much and then others encounter difficulties. I look at some of mine as stepping stones along the way, learning about each step and finding that each time I still smile and laugh with those around me and let God and the Holy Spirit be my guide.

Like moments sitting outside and looking at the trees and feeling a breeze gently touch my skin and somehow I know they are present at those times. It's the way the trees move or the branches because they look playful in the moments and I think, Dear God, thank you for being there and letting me know you love me. In those moments I feel absolutely special beyond compare. Those little God moments that lift up our heart to a higher level.

I love to sit and just be with our Lord in this way or when listening to the hawks chirp in the trees as sit there. I know the young ones are up there and they are talking with each other. Last week a Hawk was under a tree and as I watched I saw it lift something long from the ground. I didn't quite grasp what it was until the second time it lifted it up, it was a dead snake and a big one to boot. The bird was lifting it, as if to say look what I caught for you. I tried to get a picture but when I was aiming to take the picture, it went up into the tree with its prize.

There are so many moments throughout the day that I appreciate Gods love for me and what he showed me about his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the Throne in those pictures of the Eucharist of Jesus and the ones of the Lamb. If I thought they came from another source, I would not have had the grace to have received communion and have the host come alive on my tongue pulsing, large and heavy on several occasions. That alone reinforced what was given.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

This week I heard a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice. And...she's is a cancer survivor--FIVE TIMES!!!!!


She is known professionally as Sharon Zee.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Faith, I will check her website out. God bless you.

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