June 07, 2011

Hanging In There

One must admit when things occur in life that causes changes it prompts us to reflect. Recently I have been watching the television about the tornadoes that came through our area, seeing the devastation and the help that people are receiving. It's wonderful, the help that is, not the devastation.

Being without Internet for a few days had made an inpact in my own personal reflection because I began to read more than I did before. I think this time it brought home more than reflection but more on change in my own life itself. I also had a visitor that I do an hour of Adoration with, she brought me a book on food for fighting cancer since she also has a family member herself who is undergoing her own battle but with a different type. Henrietta also goes to many prayer and healing services for her family. She brought with her the glove that belonged to Padre Pio. She prayed over me several times already for healing. I appreciated that very much.

Henrietta stopped by on Saturday evening and brought over the Holy Spirit Novena to do. I thought that was wonderful. Sometimes it takes illness and things to happen for us to see how much people really do care. That was part of the reflections I was undergoing, was seeing that no matter how difficult my life may have been, there are people out there that care and would like to see healing occur and life to get back on track.

More than anything I would love to do so much more and give in many different ways. Being more open about my own personal encounter with the Eucharist. Sharing God's love even more to others. If this is what God asks of me, then who am I to deny him. Maybe that is why this illness was given in the first place to open myself even more deeply of his love for me. To take these moments and allow myself to see him through others as well. Even when I try not to worry about the financial part, I must learn to trust in that department as well as trusting him with my life and the healing that will come in time.

His love is great and so is his mercy. I have noticed that my blood sugar has been so much better as well throughout this time, I think that is wonderful and I thank God for giving me this time to correct some needed correction.

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