March 09, 2011

Life Changes

How to stay strong when life throws curve balls, prayer and more prayer and most of all trust in God and his beloved Son Jesus and along with that list is our Blessed Mother Mary. Keeping them uppermost in mind to keep faith burning and peace ever close to the heart. I am writing about this because in February I went for a yearly visit by the prompting of my doctor, which I am extremely grateful for. That visit when the results became available changed my life again.

It's not easy to find out that more testing was needed and then find from them that the inevitable happened. Breast Cancer! It's been a whirlwind since then as they put me on the fast track. Surgery is one of the perks! I had one night that I felt as if I was battling the devil himself from the disbelief, yet from that point on with constant prayer and amazingly a few consolations that came have brought such peace about the whole thing. I don't know why that being out of work for a while and undergoing surgery and then chemotherapy doesn't bother me at this time. I feel the weight of this burden placed upon my life as very light or perhaps the full power of it all has not completely set in as yet. After having under gone open heart surgery nearly nine years ago already this seems as if it is a minor hurdle on the path of life. Yet is it a very big hurdle. One that I am told that being positive and upbeat can make all the difference and that is how I feel at this time, Positive.

Having had a personal encounter with the Eucharist several years ago has also helped in keeping my mind and heart at ease. Even when there have been moments of struggle with doubt and questioning faith, no matter what seems to occur, I have found a deeper renewal of strength in God and HIS presence in my life. So as of this writing I am not worried about how it will all come about. He will take care of what needs to be done through those who will be his hands, his voice and his body. God bless.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Lindy said...

Keep up that positive attitude!!! You are in my prayers!!

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Lindy,

I appreciate those prayers very much, and I hope that positive attitude will stay as each day gets closer to surgery.

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