August 16, 2010

My Treasure

After a very long tiring day there isn't much I care to do once I get home, other than take care of the laundry or dishes, the needed things that do need to be done. Tonight was a bit different after I did what needed to be done, I finally sat and relaxed for a bit. Oscar sat on my lap while I waited for the computer to load up.

Those moments of time allowed for the perfect timing of saying the Angelus and then the Liturgy of Hours. It was nice and comfortable once it was all done and I was ready to finally get going to do the online stuff, but I felt a tug in my thoughts to take Oscar out and get the mail instead. So off we went, as we approached the house on the deck side, I heard a strange sound in the woods. I thought wow the neighbors are doing something different. I brought Oscar in the house, then I came back out and walked slowly toward the back to see what was making the noise.

I don't think I was quite prepared for what I saw as I rounded the bushes. Off to the side was a deer making the noise, I paused as we both looked at each other. I turned and went silently back toward the house around the bushes watching and listening to the deer blowing and grunting. It was odd how, when I brought Oscar around the house to the deck that the deer made itself known at that time as if to say look I'm here for you. For the brief time out there and looking and listening I knew in my heart that was a moment I was given an answer to a desire of my heart to see a deer.

I did go back into the house to have my parents hear the deer but no sound came. I went back outside and quietly went to see, but found the deer completely gone, nowhere in the area or even in the distant area could the deer be seen. Gone as if vanished, odd because when we do get to see them and they move around or speed up and go we usually see them in the vicinity but further away. Whether or not it was a God moment for me I know in my mind and heart that it was God's way of saying look I'm here for you when you need me all you have to do is seek me with the desire of your heart and I will be there.

That for me at least is an awesome God to give such love on a grand scale.

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