October 09, 2009

All About Reading.

I'm going to try to do an online reading of a book called "The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage" by Jan van Ruysbroeck. Jan van Ruysbroeck [b. 1293 or 1294, d. 1381] was a Flemish mystic. He led a life of asuterity, eventually founding a congregation in Groenendaal. His writings were widely circulated in his lifetime and he influenced an entire generation of Christian mystics. He was beatified on Decmber 1st, 1908, by Pope St. Pius X.

I first came across this when I was looking for answers, but I never did read it. I've kept it bookmarked in my favorites until it was time for the day when I could appreciate what I was reading and come to understand what has happened in my life in the mystical way. I did manage to print the title of the book sometime in the year of 2005 for safekeeping in case of computer loss. Time flies it seems from then to now. Even though I had a deeply mystical experience I still do not classify myself in anyway, shape or form mystical or anything other than a normal human being with many flaws. I'm nobody special, only in the eyes of God and to me that's all that matters.

Now as I begin to read more and come to a greater understanding I will appreciate the gift God has bestowed on them to allow a deeper understanding of his Love and what he has done for me.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

Have you shared your mystical experience?

Marie Cecile said...

Some of them, yes, I have written about them. I have shared a few with others in person. I've written of some of them that seem the most important. Some are small in nature but a consolation. I haven't kept a good written journal other than this online one.

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