September 21, 2009

Life and Death

There was a moment after communion on Saturday where the words preparing for my death came to mind. I had no clue why they came to mind as I was praying about abandonment to God's Will. I don't think it had anything to do with preparing for physical death, but then again, it felt that way yesterday. I think it was mostly about preparing for death on a different level. Taking stock of what goes on in and around my life and what may keep me away from the Beloved. How does one truly prepare?

I've had sometime to really let this thought sink in and mull over. In a way those words were placed there to allow me to think on a higher level. Those who are given the knowledge of a time frame before they die have the opportunity to, if they have the capacity to do so, to place their affairs in order. More or less make arrangements to put their house in order. I don't know how else to put it. Possibly to mend relationships as well before they leave this earthly plane. There was a lot to think about! Since death is something that we all deal with daily, maybe not for everybody, but for those who work in the field of being in contact with the dying or with families of those who are. They too go through a preparation as well, readying themselves for the loss of a loved one. Then, there is those who are unaware and are confronted with untimely deaths, the shock, the sorrow, the hurt and pain and often unforgivness for the senseless loss of life. No one is ever truly prepared then.

In light of this preparation for the end of life, how do we go about preparing to live? Do we just do? Is it natural to just live and be? How do we prepare while living to die to ourselves and live for God. Do we prepare daily to die to our selfish needs and those bad habits that we have placed in our lives and serve others while placing their needs above our own? There are many ways to die to ourselves in what we have made more important in our lives than God. It's looking deeply at what we do each day that places us farther away from the love of God. What type of preparations do we make for the rest of our lives? Like the seasons we see around us, in our Liturgy, and in the change of weather, there is constant preparation. We prepare each day for work, for school, for so much more how we take it all for granted without realizing how simple it is to prepare our hearts to love God so much more, are you ready?

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

I think it's like you say, mc, like the seasons we see all around us and in the Liturgical year. We prepare, we grow, we harvest, we share, we celebrate, we rest, then we do it all over again. But nothing would come of it without the preparation!

Marie Cecile said...

Life is amazing isn't it!

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