July 08, 2009

Light A Candle #2

God is always generous in giving His love. This morning upon waking those song words, light a candle to start a new dawn were once again present. The words are from a song called "Light A Candle" that is sung by Daniel ODonnell. This morning was a treasure, since lately my listening has been mostly on the albums "Signatures" by John Michael Talbot and his other one "Meditations In The Spirit."

I was thinking too about confessions and what makes a good one. Quite sometime ago, months I think it was, when I went and was told I made a good confession. That happened to me a few times when I was told that. It had me thinking about how I did those particular confessions to merit those words from the Priest at the end. And all I can think, when I was relating my sins I was forming the words as if I were speaking directly to God himself, but upon reflection I think it may also had to do with how truly sorry we are when we are relating those sins. For the truth of our sorrow to be heard by the Priest. Or was it the Priest himself, who just happened to be one in unity with our Lord? I wonder if others have also experienced the depth of confession that evokes this response from the Priest.

Anyway, I went to Mass yesterday afternoon to hear such a delightful heartfelt prayers by a Priest during Adoration prior to Mass. I think that was the highlight of my day to know of his love for the Eucharist. That is always a pleasure to see a beacon burning bright, almost like the song itself.

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