June 24, 2009

My Beloved

We hear songs but often fail to notice the beauty of the song and the words that are imparted or even notice how it moves the soul. Yet, there are moments some songs stir the spirit within to know the beauty of how much God gives us. This song, done beautifully by John Michael Talbot, has done just that, stirred the soul when these words are sung about. My spirit exalts in God my savior, for he has looked with mercy on my lowliness. How deeply these words touch my heart. Our blessed Mother first spoke these words long ago when she was chosen by God to be the Mother of Jesus. None can compare to what God has done for her. With understanding in how truly magnificent God works, my soul too rejoices in these words when I hear them. A sinner such as I, can rejoice in God my savior for he looked upon this lowly servant and gave so much of Himself.

My dearest blessed Mother, I honor you for allowing me to be part of your sons life. I honor God my father for chosing me to be his. A bride of his heart. I have chosen Him above all else in the world. I yearn for him always, my thoughts are on Him constantly. There is no rest nor respite for the constant longing my soul endures. Those precious moments when absolute joy surrounds my heart, I know that is when he kisses my soul with his love. It is then that I too who exalts in God my savior.

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