December 30, 2008

Never Ending

A young child may ask it's parent, what is it like to be in love? for many all they have to do is dwell on their relationship with those they fell in love with to answer that question. For those who have chosen the religious life would the answer be any different. Not really, at least I don't think so.

Knowing how it is to have loved in the human sense another human being from the heart doesn't always give us an idea how it is. Loving God is beautiful beyond belief, the joy that is felt deep within the heart is a mild way of putting it. Being in love with God is wanting everything that God wants and more. I want God's happiness above my own. Everything I do, I do for him. My thoughts are centered on him all the time and when it's not, guaranteed it will be there in record time.

Why mention this again? Why not! How joyous to read of families who tell of their love for their spouse or children. They are blessed to have human love. Cannot envy human love in anyway because it is unique to each individual, just as loving God has it's own depths for each of us. But I'm not afraid to share my love for God with others this way. I can't touch him other than when I receive him in the Eucharist, yet on the other hand since we are all made in the image and likeness of God, I can touch him through others when I hug people. Incredible as it is, we all have that opportunity each day to share that love. So the question is what is it like to be in love with God?

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