May 30, 2008


In my discernment journal I came upon a section that is about "Tapping into your experience of God." It spoke of remembering the consolations we receive, not only in thought but also writing about them. Little did I know I was already doing this. It even mentioned recalling earlier times in our lives of moments when God touched us. I was amazed when I read it and when I had recalled an earlier childhoold moment it spoke to me of the truth.

The more I read the clearer things became about the experience I have with God. It stated to draw upon those experiences when we feel dry. It's amazing how true it is to draw upon those consolations when we feel a dryness in our spirit or in our prayers. It brings the closeness of God ever closer and nearer to our heart. For me at least this made it clear that I was doing the right thing and continue along the path we are all called to follow, that of following Jesus and God. There are moments when I recall a childhood long gone and realize the many times I would look to God for everything, I never realized I placed so much importance on talking to Him all the time.

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