May 15, 2008

The Beauty of Change

Well the garden went through renovations so will the blog's look go through vast changes. Just like my life went through changes. I had to manage on my own with no help from anyone. Not that it would have been given anyway. Often people reach out for help and end up finding none at all. Do any know what it is like to suffer and not find help. But find hypocrites instead, with their noses turned up at others. But they would point to themselves to show how they did a good deed. The Bible warns us exactly about this very thing. And I too place myself in this regard. We all play follow the leader don't we.

I purchased flowers to dress an area to be part of a wonderful contemplation spot. After earning only 8 dollars an hour, that was a delight to be able to do it. Prayers are often the best answered when prayed from the heart. And in this regard I gave back to God what he provided me. No one else did it but him. He provides me with comfort when I don't find it in the people around me, he provides me with love when I find none in the people I come across, he provides me with so much that is not in the way of this world. I can and will continue to say how much he has graced me with his presence even when no one believes. It is their loss, not mine. I wonder if he feels the same way, when people don't believe in him. Yet I do understand and love even when there is none from others just like he does. We are a very judgemental people and it's unfortunate that we fail to get to know people from their hearts.

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