April 06, 2008

It's All Possible

If I could have thought back to the early years of my life and thought about where I would be by now, I would never have imagined it this way in a million years. Even if they were well thought out plans, how are any of us to know what tomorrow will bring. I think this new job has brought that into prospective more than ever. It's getting answers for others so they can take the next step. It's an unusual job and one that I've never really knew existed.

In that regard it brings my thoughts more in focus of what God truly does for us to get us through each day and our ability to listen to his answers to the vast questions we ask of him. Or know for that matter what we would experience with his grace.

My parents and I exchanged Adoration hours, since I am at work at the time I normally would be there. But at least theirs is in the evening hours during one day in the week and that will allow me to still have my hour with him as scheduled on a weekly basis, plus I pay a daily visit. This is a definite first to having normal working hours, but one thing about early hours, they were great! It would seem as if there was more of a day than there is now and this is great too. Adjusting is often the hard part, it's realigning what would have been done to a different time frame.

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