October 21, 2007


Sometimes changes occur in our life without realizing they are happening. Discovering a voice is one, or should I say not having one. I have to laugh because Friday at work I sang to a song that brought tears to my eyes. I warned those closest to me that I sound awful when I sing. Well the lady next to me said no one sings worst than her husband. Surprise, surprise but I did. She let me know I in fact did sound worse than him. I'm not too proud of it either. Does that mean all these years people have been polite, yet cringing when the voice behind them sings out of key. One of these days I will have to tape myself singing along with a tune. Until then, mind you this is the voice God has given for singing, will have to be kept silent when around others and lip sync. But singing in thought sounds very good. Now with that little bit of knowledge I can change my own sound and attempt to fine tune the vocal chords. I don't want to be a log that gets in the way of harmony when it comes to singing in unison with the congregation.

As for unity that one is easy to do when praying. There are times when I reflect on the days Gospel and find something new and extraordinary in contemplating his message. I begin to think have I done all I can do for His Kingdom. Where, in my life do I need to change? Am I thinking and acting in the way I love God. If I'm going to poke out an eye I am going to do it to myself first. It's a wonderful thing to know that my conscience was developed. How, making the choice to know that loving God first was something I have strive for all my life. There have been moments when I know I have done the right path as well as know when I have detoured.

It's funny in-a-way, because the songs I listened to on Friday while working, were songs that spoke deeply of love. But they were not sacred songs, yet in my heart I was singing them to God of the love I have for Him. It's not hard to envision this when hearing a song of love. Since I have no human counterpart it's easy for me. But even then when I was married, the music I heard spoke to me of a love so great, that even then I would place God in the place of the one I was with in my thought. Now that is putting God first. When thinking back on this, I didn't realize the extent of love I kept deep in my heart for the one I have always longed for. He is and always will be my one true love.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

I have a voice that makes the birds fall out of trees and dogs howl in protest LOL!

As I said to the lady who sits next to me during Mass. The Good Lord gave me this voice now He can listen to it LOL!Hahahahhahaa!!!

In fun

Your daffy friend


Marie Cecile said...

That brought a smile, because you said it best. Too funny!

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