February 01, 2007

It makes sense

I think it's about time I start looking to find a new Spiritual Director. Since Sister is no longer mine and has moved on to another job, she did give me another persons name should I choose this person.

I originally started out with a Priest who is a distant family relation, but was told by a Nun that it wouldn't be a good idea to have someone close like that. It's tough too because he is a very busy Priest.

I was thinking about this the other day, how I need this. Not just for direction but for guidance and help in understanding somethings that aren't understandable at times. Now all I have to do is find the card with her name on it and make an appointment. How else does a person choose a director, especially one who understands the mystical.

There are times I wonder and now more than anything when I reflect it is with a greater understanding, because it has taken much time to learn the desires of God's heart. There is an understanding that when he transforms some it is in an instant and others it is a gradual process. I know there has been much with my life, but there was many things that have been going on way before my miracle of the Eucharist. As time has gone on I began to see it all come together. More and more has made sense. And I'm deeply thankful for it too. There has been so many gifts and struggles to understand, but the biggest part of it all is God's forgiveness. It is great and his love knows no bounds.

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