October 29, 2014


I posted  the above saying on October 19, 2014 after 7 am. It didn't dawn on me at all until much later in the day what had occured on my walk in the second picture. In the distance there a brook that branches in two directions below an old railroad tressel. As I was walking the dogs that morning about where I was standing when I took this picture, in the distance up on the tressel i saw a figure in bright white that moved to the right and lost from sight. It wasn't a short coat type of look but a full length one and very bright. Anyway, i didn't think much about it except when I took the dogs for a walk again later and when i looked again it was as if the trees obscured the area to where I saw this white figure, no clear way to see. Later I looked back at my facebook post and I had a wow moment and realized how God does do something spectacular for us to say exactly what the first picture says, "I Know that was you God, Thank you"

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