October 24, 2011


I was thinking of having my laptop brought to the hospital after the surgery, but what they are going to do will most likely render me incapable of picking it up for awhile. So that will make for several days with no posts until I get home and can sit infront of the desktop computer. My imagination at this time is down to nothing regarding what to post. I feel kinda blank at this time.

I think it has to do with having too much on the mind regarding this upcoming surgery. Good thing I have an excellent doctor that I trust and that is important. Then I can look forward to putting this time period behind me and making a fresh start. I have often wondered why did I have this illness come about at this time in life, but as with anything that goes on there is always a purpose in God's eyes. Maybe to wake us up to something that is going wrong in our lives or being on the wrong path and not doing what we should be doing.

Maybe to wake us up from ourselves and the situations in our lives, to place more trust in God and HIS son Jesus. I have often found that even though illness has struck it does not always mean that it is to remove darkness, especially if the heart is filled with light. But maybe to reveal something else that will improve our life. The posibility of having to change eating habits, or what we do for exercise or how we handle situations. All for the good if we manage to bring about the change that will aid in keeping the body strong just as God and His son Jesus keep our spiritual life strong.

Having had to ponder the way of things and to take a closer look at my own life and situation I have seen that my faith is truly strong. I have been to Mass recently and discovered that at the moment the Eucharist is broken and elavated, my heart soars and I feel a smile come upon my lips. It's not something I can make happen on its own because I tried that and it does not work quite that way. It is pure joy!! I am thankful for this gift. That alone speaks loudly of my love for Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

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