September 17, 2011

Overcoming the Hurdles

I know this world has many flaws that mar the beauty that God created. The flaws are made by man and put there to create chaos. Such as trying to create their own creatures or digging underground tunnels to co join other parts of the world throwing many things out of balance. Drilling for oil and wasting precious fuel, all man made destruction on a large scale. The poor are the ones who do not benefit from what greed has done to mar the world.

God made our world to be used by all not by a select few, yet wars are fought to own land, oil, riches. Who is the winner when many die to possess what we cannot take when we die to begin with. So what is the purpose then to possess if it not shared by all. That had me thinking about the pictures I have of the Eucharist and my thought of destroying them so no one may ever see them and cause a ruckus in the world. These pictures are not worth a thing but in sentiment only for myself. If I destroy them, the proof that God exists will no longer be and that will basically end it altogether. I didn't seek any fame or fortune for what God gave freely, but to give the world his countenance. Yet I have found nothing good in this world that merits saving it from itself. That's very sad indeed when the majority of the world seeks to destroy rather than save.

I think I will be contemplating the next step in deciding the fate of the pictures. May God guide my hand and my thoughts before I do something that will be not be able to be undone. Maybe I too can overcome the hurdles this world has brought.

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