September 20, 2011


How often do we read something that we can truly associate with. Well I have and this article titled Murder by Gossip is one that I can relate to. When I first began writing about my experience with the Eucharist and some issues that I was dealing with in my life, I was confused at the time because of the enormity of what I was experiencing. Walking through God's Spirit is one of them and what I was given regarding that. There is not a single person on this planet earth that will ever understand what exactly happened and what I was given, If there is I would like to meet them.

To make a long story as short as possible, there was another blogger who befriended me, then out of the blue wrote on their blog that because I was confused, I was evil. If that wasn't murder by gossip I don't know what else to say, and this came from a catholic. I have dealt with many unbelievers in the catholic faith, maybe due to their own jealousy for what I was given along with the proof. I have forgiven this person for murdering my character and God's work as I began to understand what God did for me.

I did continue to write and also continue to have moments of extreme doubt about it all due to the fact that I was thinking I was evil. May God forgive me for letting this anguish take root in my heart and mind to cause God more hurt from another. That's why I don't feel the world is ready for what I have to show them.

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