August 22, 2011

Joy in One's Life

I've met some nice people lately and they have brightened my life with their presence. I sat outside today on the steps and watched the breeze in the trees but this time it was different. It was a normal breeze! Not like last time when I sensed their presence and the joy in my heart knowing they were there. Just like today and the people I met, they too brought joy to my heart.

Just like watching the World Youth day brought joy seeing the happiness that these young people were having being part of something truly wonderful. Sharing their faith!! when we offer to pray for others when they are going through trials is a tremendous gift of faith. I think that brings me great joy to offer to pray for another in their time of need and also to pray when things are going well. Wishing them all the best in their life. Such as being happy for them when things go well and they prosper or go on to better things. Joy is a very tangible thing when it is based on God and His Will. Trusting in Jesus is the best part of all too.

It's not often when we can witness the joy that faith brings in peoples lives like those who were there in Madrid, Spain. Too bad it wasn't on the regular media and not just on the Catholic television stations to reach those who don't practice, but would have seen how alive our faith truly is with the young people.

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