August 16, 2011

The Breeze

It turned out to be a wonderful day outside. I sat on the steps while the dog was outside and enjoyed refreshing moments as the breeze touched the trees. I sat there mesmerized watching one tree move gracefully as the breeze went through it and watched as another do strange leaf movements while the one next to it was totally still without any movement at all. It was a remarkable moment!

Even listening to the brook and the breeze as it moved through the tops of the trees was like music to the ears. It's not everyday when moments like this occur when the breeze passes through. I have this odd notion that at times the angels are there playing and wafting their wings to bring the odd sensation of a breeze when no large amount of air is present. It's how things seem to move. One would have to be there to understand what I am talking about. As I watched a smile appeared on my lips with this odd knowledge as I looked high up in the trees watching the movements play about.

I don't think it was flights of fancy either, just somehow I know they were there and when they were gone. It was how the breeze seemed to touch my skin as well as how it moved about the area. I wonder if others have had this experience with the breeze and known it was part of the angels that were present. Who knows, considering if I can have an experience with the Holy Eucharist and have seen Jesus on it, then wouldn't the breeze also be possible as part of a mystical experience with others as well and not just for myself. I wonder too if the closeness I have with our Lord has made this quite possible as well.

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