July 03, 2011


Not long ago we had dinner with Father Plasse after my recent procedure. We talked about vocations and how I still feel the call to the Religious life. But in light of what has been happening with my body, he mentioned it was no longer possible for me to pursue it. I then stated that maybe it was meant for me to be where I am with the Third Order.

I have been wondering why I was given this strong desire and not the opportunity to see it come about if it is what God seeks of me in the first place. When I had that moment of deep knowledge for the love of contemplation, I had a hard time believing in what was occuring in this knowing. Lately, with all that has been going on I have wondered if I had missed the opportunity by dragging my feet and if He took it all away from me for my stupidity.

As I have been recovering, I have taken the time to watch some videos that tell of the life of St. Bernadette of Lourdes and saw how much God and the Blessed Mother have given to special souls who love them. Then I began to see how much in these years I have re-learned about faith and the church. The catechism that was buried deep within and about myself. I had to realize I needed to grow in many ways in order for me to be able to speak about the gift I received without fear of what others think. It no longer matters as long as I know deep in my heart the truth of what occured and what was given to me. The pictures of the Eucharist I took and what is miraculously on them about what I saw and what God chose to show are mine and they are amazing because they show the Face of Jesus and so much more. Proof that was given to me of his undying love for me and all the world, to show me His Face that he exists above all else.

3 Words of Wisdom:

Lindy said...

Just wanted to say that I'm sorry I haven't said hello and kept up with your Blog. I just went through it and I'm sorry that you have been going through so much!! You will be in my prayers! Pray, Pray, PRAY!!

Marie Cecile said...

Lindy, you and Faith I think are the only readers I have and it's okay. I never expected to have any readers at all with what I have revealed about the Eucharist. Since i am not very good at evangelizing or using the internet or at making conversation with others, what I want to say mostly is thank you for your prayers because they are very precious and come from the heart.

Love Bernice (Marie Cecile)

Anonymous said...


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