July 21, 2011

Something Good Comes From Here

I have come to the conclusion and finally believe in myself after umpteen people have constantly mentioned how I have a positive attitude regarding what is going on in my life. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies regarding how we see ourselves, and I was told that too when I didn't see my own good. People don't mention things they don't mean. In that regard then I can actually say that I have stopped lying to myself, the worst sin of all denying Gods grace in how we see ourselves. A good lesson to learn and one I will constantly put into play in my life.

Well, anyway, I am home and will be going for a procedure tomorrow to remove a breast expander that is causing some problems with fluid build up, heat and redness. If it stays in and chemo treatments will cause the body to slow in healing as I recently learned when the white blood cells are low there is room to end up with infections. Finding out you can't be around flowers or eat raw fruit and vegetables could also pose a risk. Amazing what we have and when things aren't so good how we miss those things.

One thing I am grateful for is finally seeing the truth about myself. I hope that as I continue to learn about life, my faith and what I have been given I can also help another regarding what they may be going thru with their illness and be a bright beacon of light for them.

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