July 05, 2011

Praying For Our Priest

It's not an easy thing to hear when we find out a priest takes their own life. Knowing how wrong it is and still they do it. What drives them to go to such lengths to stop living? Yet, they are not the only ones who have done this. Regular people have done the same. It is an area that no one seems to be able to find out why unless the person survives and talks about what they are facing to get the help they need. I wonder about those who take that route, do they seek help or just leave clues for others to direct them to the help.

Recently in our area we had a Priest who took his own life and that left behind many people who cared about him wondering why, because he was so well liked. Maybe that is why our Blessed Mother wants us to pray for her priests, so they will have the strength to do God's work and to fight the evil that assails them. Prayers that help them constantly. When we stop praying for others and especially for our priests, we don't help them. It's like leaving them to their own devices to fight the battle alone, a sad existence then. It already is hard for the priest today with so much that has gone on in the world to make their job even harder.

It is with hope that we as catholics and christians alike pray for our priests and ministers to aid them with the task of being sheperds of the flock.

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