July 18, 2011

Hospital Stay

I sit here at four in the morning trying to rest but unable to. I am at this time back in the hospital since Thursday evening. My mom brought me my laptop the other day so I could get some things done. How did I end up in here again, well, there was a constant bout of diarrhea since Monday with a stabbing pain that was in the kidney area. I went back to work half a day on Tuesday for the remainder of the week but on Thursday as I contacted the Oncology department regarding the issues, I ended up with a fever and told to go to the emergency room. I was found to end up having a bout of diverticulitis and a very low white blood count and zero neutrofils to protect my body from infection.

So it has been a bit of a trial at this point, I have been getting antibiotics to combat any infections and it seems to me as I have gone back to work before and ended up out and it seems again this time as well, go figure. Anyway I still smile and take things in stride.

Tonight though, on one of my walks in the hallways with a mask on I went to the Chapel in the hospital and payed our Lord a visit. I didn't realize what I was going to receive until a while later as I again tried to sleep. I ended up using my IPod to listen to spiritual music and that was when I was given a recall of a moment when I encountered the Spirit of God and walked through it and had the film touch my eyes. It was the recalling that like a thief in the night he comes down from heaven. That night he did and the cloud surrounded the area of our property. I denied myself the truth of what occured, but as I lay there this came to mind. Then thoughts of cleaning the priesthood was tantamount due to the filth that has overcome our church. The many injustices that have occured and the abuses that are done. I give Pope Benedict credit to attempt restoring what God loves and cleaning what does not belong.

Jesus is in the Blessed Sacrament and its too bad that we abuse that gift because of our selfishness and that also of the Priest. If a Priest commits suicide and one hears that his fellow priests have been part of the abuse then God forbid what they commited to another with lack of love of neighbor. A pity that the darkness has overcome what God tried to give humankind.

3 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.

Faith said...

What hospital are you in? Does your Spiritual Director visit you? Keep St. Michael close to you.
You are on my prayer list.

Marie Cecile said...

Out of the hospital now, but going for a procedure in the morning. St. Michael is very close to me. I see my Spiritual Director occasionally. Thank you for the prayers.

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