July 10, 2011

First Treatment

I had my first chemo treatment on Wednesday and it went well. I have had minimal effects at this time. I just began to lose some of my taste buds with some tiredness but that is to be expected. I hope from this point on that I don't get too much else. I think I was fearing this part of the whole ordeal because the body is being invaded by more chemicals to rid it of harmful stuff that will kill it. So in a sense this is a good thing for a short time.

I think from this point on I will try to read the Bible more to help me on the journey rather than the daily readings. Moments I think would help reflecting Gods Word in my life to help me focus on Him and not on myself and my situation. I've lost a few more pounds of weight and I like that as I see my attempt to keep carbs down has made an impact.

We went today to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, MA so I could go to confession and then Mass. It turned out to be a wonderful outing, since it has been a long time since i've been able to go anywhere other than the doctors office or Hospital. I enjoyed the homily the Priest gave on reading God's Word and letting it impact our lives. That's why I mentioned I would like to do more of. Anyway I praise God for getting me thru this far and taking care of me on a daily basis.

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