June 05, 2011


A Tornado recently ripped through our area of the country not far from where we live. It more or less passed between my sisters home and ours, between towns causing havock in peoples lives. The storm after the first Tornado with warnings of another in our area, the lightning hit close by knocking out our cable and Internet access. Thankfully, we did not lose power.

Losing a source of communication was an eye opener, we had to rely on the newspaper and radio for what was going on in the area. It was also a time of reflection and moments where we were able to read instead. Since I'm still recovering from this last surgery and still have a drain in, I was told to take it easy. I guess going back to work too soon did not help with the healing process since I was always tired. But with the problem of not healing didn't help either.

Hopefully now that it is fixed and looking much better and finally off antibiotics that the next step will soon come about, that of chemotherapy. Along with the hope of being back at work to support myself and keep myself from falling too far behind.

Now I pray for my sister as she will also be having surgery herself for her troublesome back. Then my brother too will be having a share in surgery for his gallbladder once he is okayed by his cardiologist. It seems as if there is never ending excitement going on over here, but on the upside we all are supporting each other emotionally. I did have an opportunity to lay hands on my sister and pray for her healing and or God's will for her during her surgery. It seems right when I feel prompted to do so. I use Holy Water as an aid with my hands always thanking God for his continued love and support in my life.

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