June 16, 2011

Schedule changes

Today I received a call to pre-register for a MUGA scan only to find out in the process that I will be have another surgical procedure next week if the drain is removed tomorrow to place a port a cath in for chemo treatments. I did call the doctors office to find out more about this and was given the information and was also strongly suggested to be out of work another week. I then texted my boss to let her know.

Odd how things have a way of coming about. Since the day the procedure was scheduled I was also scheduled to go to jury duty that day. I called to postpone in case I went back to work and it would not cause a problem. But God has a way of bringing things about for a reason. Instead of always thinking about others and work maybe God is trying to tell me to take care of me for a change. It not easy accepting changes that affect your life and how you can support yourself. I don't know how people do it and survive or do they give up so they don't have to face all the bills that accumulate. Yet we are never alone, there is always someone who comes to assist when no one else will.

I'm sorry about that, it's not only hard for me at this time but also hard for the people who have gone thru devastation and lost it all and find no where to turn. For me, I need to let go and stop worrying about the things I cannot control or take care of. It's a real learning lesson at times when you look at what others are going thru far worst off than what we think is occuring in our lives. Faith goes a long way in helping with keeping the perspective on the right track.

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