June 20, 2011


Something came over me today to grab the picture that was miraculously saved from the fire. I took it down from the wall and held it, in those moments I took it upstairs with the strangest intent to show it to someone, yet that never came about. I carried the picture with me around the house and then I brought it back downstairs and placed it on the wall.

I am gazing at the picture of Jesus that has the look of come to me with his hands outstretched and smiling sweetly at the moment as I write this. I can only think that the whole purpose of what came over me was to provide me with his unconditional love with my looming procedure coming up on Wednesday. I felt reassured about his love and care for me.

He gave me his life, he took mine and gave it back to me. How is it that throughout this time since he has chosen me for his own, I always find those moments that he provides the simplest and basic way of getting his point across about his love and to trust in that love. No matter what trials are sent my way, it is with hope that the trust of Jesus will always shine amid the problems as he did today. There may not be an answer to the problems but he will give support in an unusual way to allow time to progress where the answer will come in his time.

I sometimes wonder if my eyes mirror the love that I see in Jesus and if it is reflected back to him as my heart longs always for his love.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

looks like a nice topic OP has started. post bookmarked for all the updates.


Faith said...

God's way of telling you He's around.

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