March 29, 2011

Eucharistic Miracles

After I showed my Eucharistic pictures to Fr. Dorsch, he had asked me if I had read the book on Eucharistic Miracles. Sad to say at the time I had not. I had heard of the famous ones but that is all. After a brief period of time, I went to St. Anne's Shrine, Fiskdale, Ma to the gift shop to get a copy, but they didn't have one. Luckily the shop manager ordered a book. This book has enlightned me as to all the special gifts that God has done for a very long time and I 'm only half way through the book at this time. Even though mine is insignificant to the world, to me it is an immense personal gift of love from our Lord. One that gave me so much in the way of the Face of Jesus and so much more. Throughout the years I never once realized the depth of this gift nor the importance of it. Sometimes I still wonder why I was given such a grace to begin with. When I moved upstairs to my old bedroom, I brought with me some very special items of faith. A room that has become a sanctuary of sorts. As I have reflected on so much about life and how mine has evolved, faith has always been on the forefront. But since that moment of grace, the Eucharist became a big part of my life. Sad to say though, my moments in front of the Blessed Sacrament have been on the short side due to tiredness. When I spend those brief moments all my focus is on Jesus and the thankfullness of the cancer that is within me and the illnesses I have to keep me ever faithful. When I saw my Doctor for clearance for surgery he said it was okay to cry, I told him after finding out about my recent diagnosis I cried once and looked to heaven and asked why this too when I struggle so much already. Since that one time, I have not cried nor have I felt bad about it, oddly I have been at peace with it and continue to smile. I remember asking our Lord that if there were any black marks within my heart and soul to root them out or if my body had any imperfections or bad things growing to take them out. I see this as God's way of removing the gunk that seemed to have taken root. It is taking this stage in my life as a way to continually cleanse my heart and soul to keep my body in constant preparation for the indwelling of his Love. If I accidentally let something in that needs to be gotten rid off then I thank God for bringing me forward and bringing healing and grace.

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