October 19, 2010

All About Love

The last blog post of a song was quite a surprise for me, it took sometime for me to absorb the enormity of what was received. The past few weeks have been hard ones in the way of what has been occuring in my life. News received in the mail that has me searching for a second job to pay for possible unexpected issues. Questions I have been dealing with interiorly about the past, the present and the future. One of those had to do with words received these past few years among other things.

So after a day spent in community with my brothers and sisters in Christ that night I slept and woke to those awesome words. When I did hear the song and dwelled on the words in it, I knew I was given a special blessing in quite an answer to those silent questions that were weighing down my heart. It is also his way of letting me know he is never far away from me. He knows my heart and those moments of struggle. I love how God responds in such a simple fashion. He will always be the first in my heart. I have chosen HIM to be mine above all else.

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