July 01, 2010

One Step At a Time

I didn't realize how slow I was in getting back into blogging until I see the date and wonder where did the time go. The wonder of it all and finding that it can be like learning to walk all over again, taking one step at a time. Routines were changed and some not. Prayer thankfully wasn't a change and if there was it was fine tuned. The other routines are work aroundable. Sounds like a new word.

One of the routine changes that I have made was taking my walks in the woods again and pausing, praying and reflecting on God's graces. A change that was made when the slow change in scenery was beginning, with the development of a home and the work going on to eventually make way for some more homes that will curb the wooded tranquility and silence. Already a motor bike has been making it's rounds in the neighbors yard and not too far in the distant neighborhood.

At least it didn't stop the deer from paying a visit prior to my arrival home from work today. A visit that I missed but was relayed by my parents about two baby deer up close to the house by the bird bath. Those sightings I believe are a gift from God because it is a rare viewing. Especially the young ones. But even so, God does use nature to give us consolations, answers, or a delightful surprise.

When I last visited the Monastery Chapel for Adoration on Tuesday, I found myself reviewing a time period of grace after reading some verses in the Bible. It allowed me to look at the time then to now and see the progress that has been made. But it also allowed me to finally let it sink in, the depth of God's love and what he did by chosing me for a purpose only he knows about. Those interior questions have been answered time and time again by way of so much that I sat there with tears in my eyes staring at the Eucharist and the truth of what he has allowed me to see and to understand bit by bit.

I wonder if our Blessed Mother went through these sort of trials and questions when she too was chosen for God's special grace. I cannot compare what I was given to what our Blessed Mother was given only the fact that I can testify to the truth about how it is very possible for what transpired. This is what I was dealt with that day in front of the Blessed Sacrament, a moment to reflect on the whole of what transpired and the events that took place since then.

It was during those moments that I realized that I almost threw it all away, I almost destroyed those pictures of what I saw on the Eucharist. I almost took a detour if my eyes were not opened about a former love. Moments in life and battles with the foe that could have truly made pictures of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit disappear forever. It took one step at a time then, just as it is taking one step at a time now to come back to blogging those precious moments God gave to me.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Welcome back! And happy Fourth of July!

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Elizabeth,

Happy belated Fourth of July.

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